Hay and Straw

We produce tonnes of top-quality hay and straw every year at Bottor Rock Farm – a large proportion of which goes towards bedding and feeding our award-winning beef stock.

During the summer we make small bales of hay as well as small and round bales of straw.

We now have small bale Hay and straw available to buy ex farm.

Small bale Hay is £5/ bale and the straw is £4/ bale collected.

2018 Small bale hay being made


While hay and straw are not currently available to purchase online, feel free to contact us using the form below and we’ll be happy to let you know the availability of what you’re looking for.



At Bottor Rock we grow wheat, barley and oats.

We have now selling 2021 harvest and all the corn is now new season.

Currently the price for Rolled Barley, Rolled Oats & Whole Wheat in 25 kg bags is £8 a bag.

Wheat is usually available whole in 25kg bags or half-tonne bags, pictured below.

Our barley and oats are bruised (rolled) and sold in 25kg bags.

Currently the half ton bags are £280/ton ex farm but for the moment we are not taking on any new customers as we are running low of stock and trying to keep our regular customers supplied. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Sample of Rolled Barley from Bottor Rock Farm     Bottor Rock Farm Corn

Corn products are not available to purchase online but 25kg bags are almost-always available ex-farm (pictured below).


For any inquiries, please get in touch by contacting us through the form below and we’ll get back to you.