About Bottor Rock Farm

Bottor Rock Farm has been in the Harvey family for over 70 years and is currently under the proud stewardship of Michael, Gail and their son Stephen, who is the fourth generation to farm the land on the south-eastern edge of Dartmoor.

Our award-winning beef stock is the pride and glory of Bottor Rock’s stable – but that’s not all we do.

We grow hundreds of tonnes of potatoes every year and also harvest acres and acres of gloriously golden wheat, barley and oats and the straw that comes with it.

All of that is planted, cared for and harvested by the family who then run quality control, pack, deliver and sell the goods, some of which are available here on our website.

We have a wide range of farming machinery which means we can grow and harvest our own crops. Because of this we occasionally contract out our equipment at an hourly rate.

If you have any questions or enquiries please send us a message by visiting our contact us page here.