We are now selling Bottor Rock Beef packs. Each pack contains 2 Rump steaks,4 Sirloin steaks,1 pack of Chuck steak,1 Roasting joint (Top side) and 6 packs of mince.


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Our popular meat packs are available again.

All our cattle are fed on grass,cereals and some out graded potatoes all of which are grown and harvested by us here at Bottor Rock Farm.

We don`t feed any Soya which is being blamed for the destruction of the Amazon rain forest.

We calve about 70 cows a year and they rear their calves on milk out in the fields for up to 9 months. They spend another summer out grazing grass before we bring them in and fatten them on our home grown silage (grass), rolled barley and any out graded potatoes we may have ( they love the spuds).

We also buy some excess calves from local dairy farms, rear them on milk powder and then they spend 2 summers out grazing grass in our fields before we bring them in doors to fatten.

Our Beef is processed and vacuum packed locally by Lang’s at Ashburton to our specification and then we make up the packs and freeze them.

Bottor Rock Beef pack. All items shown for £95 delivered to your door locally to Hennock

Bottor Rock Beef pack.
2 Rump Steaks
4 Sirloin Steaks
1 pack of Chuck Steak
1 roasting joint (Top Side)
6 packs of mince

If you are interested in our beef packs and you are outside of our delivery area please fill out the contact page below and we will contact you to try and arrange delivery