Wilja Potatoes delivered- 5 kg paper bag


*NEW 5 kg PACK*

This smaller pack is meant for people who are short of space and find our bigger bags too heavy & cumbersome. This new 5 kg pack is also a good way of trying out a variety if you are not sure which sort you might like, then buy a bigger bag when you decide which is your favorite.

At just under a £1 a kilo still not bad value delivered too your door.


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We are now digging and selling new 2019 Wilja potatoes. Wilja are our most flowery variety which can give you a nice crispy outside with a fluffy middle when roasted. Have a tendency to go a bit mushy if you boil them for too long so keep your eye on them!
With a bit of Hennock earth on them they will keep for longer that`s why we don`t wash our potatoes.

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Weight 5 kg